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What We do

Magdalene OKC welcomes women accepted into the program to live in the home, at no cost to them, for up to two years as they commit to pursuing sobriety, self-worth, health, wholeness, and financial independence.  This is a peer-based model designed for up to 8 Magdalene Sisters to share support and power in the home.

phase 2

In months 6-12, residents attain at least part-time employment and are encouraged to pursue their educational or job training goals.  Residents continue to participate in 15 hours of programming each week to continue their recovery and healing.

phase 3

In months 12-24, residents continue to work on their self-goals while preparing to transition to independent living. Phase 3 residents provide leadership in the home for newer residents, while continuing their own programming each week.


By 24 months residents have established a healthy lifestyle, work experience, and confidence through achieving their goals. With renewed confidence, healing, and self-love, the foundation has been laid for long-term success. Graduates of Magdalene OKC become Sisters for Life who often remain active in the Magdalene community.

Thistle Farms Network

Magdalene OKC is a sister house of the Thistle Farms National Network, founded by The Rev. Becca Stevens in Nashville, TN. With over 60 houses nationwide, Thistle Farms provides resources and support for the program model. In the original Magdalene Homes in Nashville, TN, established in 1999, over 75% of graduates are living a healthy, sober, and independent life five years after completing the program. Broken relationships are restored and hopelessness is replaced with hope.

1 %
of women complete the program
1 %
of graduates remain sober, employed and in independent housing 5 years later